Leadership Change Announcement

For 13 years Chris and Melinda Hanks have been such devoted members and a real help and blessing to Fisherman’s Net Church.  I have considered Chris as my best friend and have many great memories with him. Their willingness to help in the church when few were around to help was amazing. If we asked them to help with something they were always there. They have been big supporters of the church in every way, and we deeply appreciate them both and their support during the past years.

 However, recently they have embraced and followed a theology that both Joy and I and the leadership of our covering organization, Apostolic Team Ministries (ATM),  do not agree with and consider as error.  Chris had not preached this or taught this in all the years he has been with us, this is a teaching they have recently embraced.

 We met with them personally, as Scripture directs, and discussed these concerns with them.  Chris and Melinda shared what has changed in their beliefs and the new direction they are now pursuing.  We mutually agreed that because of this, they could no longer continue to operate in their leadership role in the church.  We are sad to see them leave but wish them always the best.

 This has greatly saddened me as we appreciate and love the Hanks. However, as pastor of Fisherman’s Net Church, I have to make sure we remain true to the tenet of faith of our church.   We wish them no harm and will continue to keep them in our prayers.  Again, we thank Chris and Melinda Hanks for the past years of faithful service and friendship.

 Pastor Jim MacInnes

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