Our Ministries

Here at Fisherman's Net Church we believe in EMI - Every Member Involvement.  We believe every person has something to contribute in the work of the Lord in our local church. And as we are faithful stewards of these gifts and talents - the Lord will open more doors and opportunities. We have many areas of ministry and service that one can be involved it.  Check out our different ministries! 

Women's MinistryWomen's Ministry
We love Tuesdays! The church is bustling with women's chatter and laughter all throughout the morning! We have an amazing mix or blend of women here at Fisherman's Net. They come from all ages, experience, culture and interests.... each one so beautifully unique in every way! Every week these wonderful ladies meet on Tuesday at 9:30 AM for worship, study of the Word, prayer and encouragement. These meetings have become a lifeline to many - a time of refreshing, empowerment ... more

Small Group MinistrySmall Group Ministry
In our human body - the smallest unit of life is the cell. Here at Fishermans Net - we desire for every person to be connected in someway with another person or persons. We enjoy our Sunday Worship Celebrations when the whole church come together. But we equally enjoy and know the importance of being a part of a smaller community where you share life - take time to pray and follow-through with indepth study of the Sunday sermon and how it applies to our personal lives. The goal of our ... more

Firebrand YouthFirebrand Youth
Ecclesisates 12:1 says "Don't let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, "Life is not pleasant anymore." Youth is a very crucial age! It represents an age of passion, challenges, danger and potential. Youth can accomplish amazing things for the Master’s cause. At Firebrand Youth the kids are nurtured in the Word and filled with the sweet Presence of the Holy Spirit. They ... more

Joyful Expressions BookstoreJoyful Expressions Bookstore
Joyful Expressions is a local ministry outreach of Fisherman's Net - a place where people can come in for prayer, encouragement, fellowship and find Jesus. Our desire is to have a place where people feel welcome and feel the love of Christ. Even drunks come in and sit and sleep under the anointing of God for hours. It is also a place where people from within the church can serve with their gifting and time. Joyful Expressions is also all about serving our local community by ... more

Men's MinistryMen's Ministry
The men at Fisherman's Net meets every 2 months for a Breakfast Fellowship which is a time rich in fellowship, encouragement, not to mention the food! Our desire is strengthen the relationship among the men - creating an atmosphere of fellowship, encouragement, acceptance and accountability.

Children's MinistryChildren's Ministry
We love kids here at Fisherman's Net! They bring such a refreshing in the church atmosphere and such faith that touches our hearts. We don't babysit the kids but we love teaching them about Jesus and how to grow in Him even at a very young age! We encourage them to learn how to worship, pray and read and learn from the Bible. We believe that the more we sow about God and His Kingdom into these young lives - the more equipped they are to face life and its challenges. more

TV MinistryTV Ministry
We believe that the preaching of God's Word is very important - it brings life to those who hear them. So we at Fisherman's Net use every avenue we can to share the Word - social media, printed form, audio, youtube and TV. We have the Revival Network in the City of Davao, Philippines where we broadcast the Gospel 24/7. Davao is a city of over 2 million and what a privilege to preach the Word of God into the homes, offices, hotels, and business establishments in the ... more