Even though we are a local church located in Venice, Florida, we have a Global Vision! We support many Mission groups and mission endeavors all over the world.

Most years we have been traveling to and ministering in the Philippines. We have a special love and burden for the wonderful people of the Philippines, not only because Pastor Joy is from Davao City, Philippines, but also due to Jim’s connection and time spent¬† there long before he met Joy.

The Filipino people are a kind, loving and hardworking people that have little in the way of material wealth, though they constantly and willingly share what they do have with joy. Though we have traveled and preached in dozens of countries, we believe that the Philippines is a very strategic country in God’s plan for world evangelism.

You can travel anywhere in the world and find a Filipino working hard in the background somewhere. They are respected for their hard working, non-complaining attitude. God is using Filipino Christians all over the world.

For the past 13 years God has made a way for us to sponsor a pastors conference. The only purpose of the conference is to bless the mighty generals of God’s Kingdom and to have a day of refreshing, honoring encouragement and fellowship.

We also have sponsored a Women’s Conference these past 13 years. Women from across denominations of the Christian faith gather together for a marvelous time in the Lord.

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