Our Story

In 2000, Jim and Joy MacInnes were working as assistants to Dr. Gerald Derstine, spending their summer with him at Christian Retreat Family Camp at Strawberry Lake, Ogema, MN, and their winter at the Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida.

In 2001, the Lord started to tug at Jim and Joy’s hearts about  a “new work” He was calling them to. After much prayer and discernment they knew they were being called to plant a new church, so they started to inquire of the Lord, “Where Lord?”  God led them to Venice, Florida.  They scouted the area for many months, making the drive from Bradenton often, fully familiarizing themselves with the Venice area. They rented a PO Box and through this action felt they now had part ownership on a piece of property within the city!

Having gone through endless possibilities for a church name, God supernaturally intervened and provided for Jim and Joy. Driving along US 41 in Bradenton, they saw the words “Fisherman’s Net” painted on the wall of an old warehouse. The name immediately agreed with their spirit. Upon returning many days later to the same spot where they initially saw the warehouse, to their amazement, the building was nowhere to be found- their response- “Fisherman’s Net Community Church it is!”

In 2002 the first official church meeting of Fisherman’s Net took place in a building on the corner of US 41 and Shamrock Boulevard. It was held in a small downstairs function room of a Days Inn Hotel.  Since then the church has celebrated 17 years of ministry. 

In these past 19 years Jim and Joy have ministered from 7 different locations where they have met amazing people from all walks of life, the Lord continuously adding to the church’s  number each year. They, as well as the entire church body, have witnessed the salvation of many lives, seen the saints within the church maturing and walking out their gifts and calling, and observed and been a part of  many Christ centered works. Fisherman’s Net may not be a large church but it has a big footprint for the Kingdom! 

A year after Fisherman’s Net was established, Joyful Expressions Christian Bookstore was opened in 2003. Joyful Expressions has been strategic in meeting spiritual needs and serving the people in the community.  It never was a business but has always been considered as a ministry.  Many lives have been changed through this ministry – and many friendships have been forged through the years.  In 2021, Joyful Expressions Bookstore has permanently closed its operation but has served our local community for 17 years.

Fisherman’s Net is seriously committed to preaching the Word, both locally and internationally. We are seriously committed to raising disciples for Christ and seriously committed in fulfilling the Great Commission, that is, to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).” 

We thank God for His power and His faithfulness in the life of the church.  And it is not over yet as our story continues to be written….

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The Scout House
5845 Greenwood Avenue
North Port, FL 34287


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